Other Services

Besides mediation and consulting, LMJM provides dispute resolution services for conflict coaching, training, and speaking.

Conflict Coaching is sometimes referred as mediation for one. The mediator’s role is to coach one party through a mediation. This work requires a good understanding of the mediation process as well as negotiation strategies.

Training in conflict resolution is preventative perhaps as well as restorative. The objective is to provide individuals with the skills and knowledge of mediation in order to resolve conflict as close as possible to the source and before it becomes disruptive. Managers, supervisors, team leaders, and other organizational staff (e.g. human resources) are taught to recognize emerging conflicts, learn about needs and wants that may be at the root, and explore options for resolution. The objective is to increase the performance of the organization or team.

Speaking is perhaps one of the best resources for educating people about mediation. Mediation is an incredible concept and process involving a great deal of common-sense and practical reasoning. One of the best parts about being a mediator, is having something so powerful and accessible to share. Please read more about mediation in the “Mediation Is” article in the Library Articles section.

Please contact LMJM and discuss your ideas and needs for any of these services.