Mediation is not consulting and consulting is not mediation. One of the primary reasons is because mediation communications enjoy the provision of “privileged communications” almost universally. That is; communications in and for mediation are confidential, not admissible and cannot be compelled. In order for dispute resolution sessions to provide the safe and comfortable collaborative environment they require, confidentiality is essential.

LMJM provides dispute resolution consulting services beside mediation. Those services include conflict consulting and technology consulting.

Conflict consulting involves the study of an organization in order to learn the when, why, and perhaps how conflict emerges. The consulting part of conflict consulting then becomes recommendations and discussion about organizational changes to address problematic areas and behaviors.

LMJM provides a specialized form of technology consulting based on an extensive knowledge of the behavior of courts and dispute resolution organizations. The focus is on the application of technology for the sake of enhancing the dispute resolution or legal processes with capabilities such as remote participation, simultaneous interpretation, and digital recording.

The applications can range from physical room layout to case management. The objective is to provide courts and dispute resolution organizations with the technology to provide the most efficient and reliable resources. Considerations can range from noise transmission between rooms to structured cabling upgrades to accommodate current and evolving devices. Please visit Consulting for Innovation for more information.