As the name implies, LM Johnson Mediation’s primary service is mediation. At LMJM mediation services can be delivered in one of three ways.  Classic face-to-face mediation can be provided at one of the meeting spaces in the Willamette Valley or at a physical location close to the parties.  A virtual meeting location can also provide the dynamic of having all parties communicating at one time using the internet as a “virtual meeting space.” The most flexible LMJM mediation service is adaptive and uses a virtual meeting place and allows the parties to participate both jointly and separately as time requires.  The three forms of mediation delivery are called classic, virtual, and adaptive here.  More on Mediation

Although LMJM’s primary service is mediation, LM Johnson has decades of consulting large businesses and government agencies about their technology.  Consulting for Innovation is LMJM’s technical consulting service whose primary products are applications of technology to justice and alternative dispute resolution organizations. More on Consulting

At LMJM consulting is not confined to technology applications but has expanded into the dispute resolution work of conflict consulting and conflict coaching as well.  Those services as well as training and speaking are described here.