(Mediators and others interested in an ongoing discussion of mediation and related topics will find useful information below.)

Mediation is learned by practice and the interaction among practitioners.  It is very much a “practice” and requires more than the opinion and perspective of any single individual.


It is the intention of LMJM that this discussion blog will provide a useful collaboration tool for mediators as well as a forum for public understanding of the power and utility of mediation.

Anyone can participate in the discussion in several ways.  They can comment on posted articles and they can submit an article for posting, or they can also suggest a topic or question for discussion.  Responses and comments will be monitored.

The discussion begins here.

Continued Skills Improvement:

Just like this, role plays can be very eye-opening experiences.  They are the most effective tools for learning the practice of mediation apart from actually doing it.   Frequent and spirited discussions with fellow mediators in mediation training and in-service sessions provide for continuing growth and skills improvement.  Mediators are encouraged to get involved in in-service and continuing training generally and those involving role play especially.

Library and References: 

This library is not one where you can checkout a book but rather it contains abstracts of publications and a list of references used on this web site.  Please feel free to suggest new articles and books to include.  The Library is here.