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Approach: LM Johnson Mediation provides facilitative mediation including evaluative and transformative components in a complete solution.  That is; the focus is on the resolution of the current issues keeping in mind the ongoing relationship of the parties and the best alternatives to a mediated agreement.

The mediator does not act as a judge, an attorney, or a counselor.  He does not offer any opinions about the probable outcome of the case in court nor does he seek to change the behavior of the parties going forward.  The role of the mediator is to act as a conflict consultant and mentor to the parties by modeling the practice of informed decision making.

Facilitative mediation does help participants identify legal issues that may impact agreement.  Once those issues are identified, the parties are free to decide how they can best be addressed.  LMJM avoids the illegal practice of law by referring cases that have significant legal questions.  

Additionally, facilitative mediation also attempts to be aware of mental health issues.  LMJM avoids the unauthorized practice of psychology by referring cases that have significant mental health issues.

When selecting a mediator, parties should seek out a mediator with a level of subject matter knowledge sufficient to effectively and efficiently discuss and explore the facts of the case.  It is LMJM policy to refer cases that require more subject-specific knowledge than the mediator has.  (All referrals are discussed in caucus, mediator withdrawal is described as a policy decision, and payments adjusted accordingly.)

Experience and Credentials: LM Johnson has both extensive experience in organizational and project behavior and significant training, experience and professional involvement in mediation.  

Please refer to his technical and organizational experience on Linkedin at  

For a description of his mediation training and experience, please see his profile on at  [update training].

LMJM policy includes adherence to the AAA/ABA/ACR  Model Standards of Conduct and the Oregon Mediation Association’s Core Standards of Mediation Practice.  LM Johnson is listed as a Certified Senior Mediator in the directory at

Affiliations and Ongoing Work: LM Johnson serves on the Oregon Mediation Association’s committee for Standard and Practices, the Oregon Certification Advisory Group,  and is on the board of the Mediator Certification Consortium of California.  He provides regular pro bono mediation for Marion County Circuit Court and Neighbor-to-Neighbor Mediation.

Copies of standards of conduct and other documents can be found here.

Forms for requesting mediation services are available directly from LMJM.