Mediation provides a safe environment where parties are free to decide how to best address and resolve their conflict.

LM Johnson Mediation (LMJM)  provides a safe environment where disagreeing people can express themselves, be heard, and engage in thoughtful decision-making.

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While LMJM is physically located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, by using Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)  LMJM can provide mediation anywhere.    Contact LMJM for details and a quote.

LM Johnson is experienced in organizational and project consulting as well as court-connected, private, and community mediation. His policies include adherence to the AAA/ABA/ACR Model Standards of Conduct and the Oregon Mediation Association’s Core Standards of Mediation Practice.  LM Johnson is listed as a Senior Certified Mediator on the “Mediate Everything” website,

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