Mediation provides a safe environment where parties are free to decide how to best address and resolve their conflict.

LM Johnson Mediation (LMJM) provides facilitative mediation solutions focusing on the resolution of the current issue, keeping in mind the ongoing relationship of the parties as well as the best alternatives to a mediated agreement.

While allowing parties to express themselves, LMJM provides parties with a process where they can be heard and hear in a safe and informed decision-making environment.

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While LMJM is physically located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, by using Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)  LMJM can provide mediation anywhere.    Contact LMJM for details and a quote.

About LM Johnson

LM Johnson has extensive expertise in organizational and project consulting and significant training, experience, and professional involvement in mediation. His policies include adherence to the AAA/ABA/ACR Model Standards of Conduct and the Oregon Mediation Association’s Core Standards of Mediation Practice.  LM Johnson is listed as a Senior Certified Mediator on the “Mediate Everything” website,

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